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MaryAnn Crews, President

MaryAnn Crews, President, assumed the duties of chief executive officer after her husband J. Edgar Eubanks died in 1990. Ed had founded J. Edgar Eubanks and Associates (JEE) on February 16, 1971. JEE is the headquarters for nine state and national trade associations. MaryAnn is responsible for a staff of eight, five of whom have been with the company for over twenty years. She also is responsible for one association, but strives to be visible for all the associations affiliated with JEE.

MaryAnn is a member of the SCSAE, ASAE and the SC Chamber of Commerce. She serves on the Columbia College Alumni Council, the SC Methodist Foundation Board, and is the Shandon United Methodist Church Centennial Chair. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Columbia College and a Master’s degree in Reading from the University of South Carolina.

MaryAnn taught second grade in Atlanta. She has also taught seventh grade and music in Estill, SC; second and third grade at Hammond School in Columbia, South Carolina, as well as music and served as the Director of Admissions for Hammond.

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