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NADFD 8/11/2011 Michael Joseph

Courtney Waldrup and her staff at JEE worked very hard to make this a success.

NADFD 8/14/2007 Greg Rosendale Thanks again for all your hard work last week.  It was a very good event.
NACTT 8/13/2007 Willie Banks, Jr. You should really be proud of the ladies that worked the Annual meeting.  They rose to the occasion under some very trying conditions.  How they were able to maintain their composure, I'll never know.  
NABT 9/26/2006 David Birdsell thanks.. it was great.. you and nancy did a great job. I can't thank you enough.
NADFD 8/15/2006 John Sargetakis You did a great job as usual.  Ted filled one out for us.  Thanks again.
NACTT 7/13/2006 Brian Lynch Thank you for all your hard work on this conference. I think everyone enjoyed it. There have been lots of compliments to Robin, which are much deserved. But I know that you make us all look good.
NADFD 7/26/2005 Harvey Giberson Congratulations on a great conference.  You did a wonderful organizing and managing the conference.  I had many positive comments on the speakers and they will be hard to top next year.
NADFD 7/29/2005 Don from Mosehart-Schleeter Co., Inc I thought this was one of the best conferences we've had.  Looking forward to New Orleans!
NADFD 7/27/2005 Harvey Giberson  Thanks to both of you for all of your hard work on this conference.  I think it was great and all who went got something from the meetings and enjoyed the fellowship and special events.
NABT 8/21/2005 Craig Stolow Just wanted to say thank you again for your unbelievable efforts and hardwork this past week and the weeks leading up to the event.
NABT 8/22/2005 Neil Gordon Congratulations to Sam and Jim and our JEE team for an outstanding convention!
NABT 8/23/2005 Amy Goldman You and the entire group worked so hard to make this successful notwithstanding some daunting conditions at the hotel.
NABT 8/24/2005 Sam Crocker Now that it's over, and you've been formally thanked, this is my personal thank you for an incredible job, against all odds, incredibly well done
FSSA 10/12/2005 Hank Sykes The credit for quick response goes to the team in Columbia.
FSSA 10/10/2005 Barbara Griffin Thanks so much.  I sure get good service!

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